GPS future: 10 new uses

Special: GPS in cell phone, car gps am and workout gear. GPS is becoming increasingly common and has a growing number of uses. In the last part of the week special we devote ourselves to what is going on.

Here is our list of 10 gps variants can be substantial with the idea:

GPS on bicycle & motorcycle

1. Niche recipients
The market for cheap gps: for bicycle has exploded, and now manufacturers look to more uses. Gps was for boating there already, but they'll be cheaper as more manufacturers to engage in the game. Since it is conceivable gps: for cyclists, divers, extreme sporter and so on. Designed in various ways with weather-protected shell, extra features and other things that make the more appropriate for its customers.

GPS for Shopping basket

2. Shopping Cart
To find a shopping cart, get a map of the store's shelves. Extra Prices and offers are excellent, and you can print your shopping list and guided right, or get tips on other things to buy. We can not determine for us if it sounds fun or annoying, but gps-cart is already in progress ...

GPS featured to Facilities for visually impaired

3. Facilities for visually impaired
Already a regular gps is very helpful for a person with impaired sight, but now works at the next step. The idea is to connect a GPS receiver with mobile phone and a constantly updated digital city map, and thus to guide the right person.

GPS on Digital Cameras

4. Digital Cameras
GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr is an example of a cool little gps with a built-in clock is set at the same time as your digital camera. When you finished plates and transferring images to the computer, equipped with the GPS information, time code matched with the tracker. Soon, however, eliminating the need to take a stand-alone tracker, when the GPS receiver built into the actual digital camera. Expect one or another tourist camera with bold screen and built-in city guides. M3 guess we'll see the first models presented at the exhibition Photokina in the autumn.

gps usage: more advanced bifuncationer

5. More advanced bifunctioner
Located some distance away, but the idea is that all cars to be equipped with a GPS tracker. Not for normal navigation, however, without the automatic features such as the brakes in the car when it is too close to another, put it in the correct file prior to exits, adapting speed after not only rules but also the current road conditions, moving away a car on an ambulance approaching from the rear and so on.

GPS On Tractors

6. Tractors
A satellite receiver on the roof of the tractor allows the farmer to run straighter and save time and fuel. Before you run off the trailer or gear width in, and then steered the tractor right: "When you turn the steering the tractor will automatically go into the right track. You get an almost exact overlap. The margin of error is plus minus five centimeters.

GPS Usage: True 3D GPS

7. True 3D gps:
Perhaps the gadget is closest in time, and a few products have already shown up. This is a "normal" gps, but with maps in 3D. To navigate around a city is like running around in a game like Quake: the buildings with the right look, realistic width of streets and roads and so on. The solutions presented so far tend to get a little hard, with mushy picture because buildings must be made semi-transparent in order to see where you should turn. We keep our fingers crossed that the producers should get there.

GPS for buddy services

8. Buddy Services
The idea is old and several are already there, but use is expected to explode as more and more mobiles may be built-in GPS as standard. The idea is that you can see where your friends are, and find cafes nearby. Or perhaps to avoid his ex?

GPS: virtual cable technology

9. The virtual cable
It has hatched the world's best idea, and so it appears that the technology already developed by someone else. Remember to avoid instructions such as "about three hundred meters, while the thirteenth exit", but only get a line projected in front of the car? In the same way as you follow the colored lines on the floor of the hospital. Virtual Cable devices technology, and based on a special display in the car's windscreen. Then, just follow the red line.

GPS Monitoring for vehicle tracking

10. GPS monitoring
Itrace and Tramigo are two examples of how gps am now used to track and keep track of stuff and people ... Sometimes difficult ethically defensible but definitely use the future. Perhaps even the insurance companies will offer lower insurance premiums if you notice your possessions with gps modules ...

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