asdf jkl; ;lkj fdsa ded ede ddeedd
ftf tft ffttff kik iki kkiikk
lol olo llooll frf rfr ffrrff njn jnj nnjjnn
jhj hjh jjhhjj ;p; p;p ;;pp;; l.l .l. ll..ll
sws wsw sswwss jmj mjm jjmmjj dcd cdc ccddcc
fgf gfg ffggff jyj yjy jjyyjj k,k ,k, kk,,kk
;F; F;F ;;FF;; aJa JaJ aaJJaa
We are almost done. One more lesson.
Okay, you want more jokes? Let's do it! Men can be so proud. One man said, "A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. :o

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