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Dance Mat Lessons

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0.2 Type a story (like special project)

1.1 Meteor Blast*
1.2 Space Bar Invaders*
1.3 Save the Sailboat Race*
1.4 The Frogs are off Their Diet*
1.5 Outer Space Fleet Commander*
1.6 Keyboard Triathlon*
2. TyperShark
3. Typing Bubbles
4. Fearless Frieda (do NOT play the "goo games" after)
5. AuntLeeTypingGames (only the typing games!)

6. TypeOnline
8. Touch Typing Practice (from
9. Crazy typing
10. More Practice (from

11. Great Typing Test
12. Typing Test (from
13. Mr. Kent's Typing Test

New Games...

14. Barracuda
15. Big Brown Bear
16. Fingerjig
17. Techconnect (not really a game)

18. Key br (use this one)

These are 10-key lessons...

1. A 10-Key Lesson!
2 Plate Spinner
3.1 Meteor Blast* (Choose Lesson #24)
3.2 Space Bar Invaders*
  (Choose Lesson #24)
3.3 Save the Sailboat Race* (Choose Lesson #24)
3.4 The Frogs are off Their Diet*   (Choose Lesson #24)
3.5 Outer Space Fleet Commander*
 (Choose Lesson #24)

Finger Chart


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Old Stuff...

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